High performance linear speed training for the modern athlete.  BoingDash will improve your straight line speed, linear power and explosiveness for competitions, games and evaluations. In short, we make you SUPER HUMANLY FAST! 

Technique training that will assist athletes in sports evaluations such as: 

  • 10 yard dash 
  • 40 yard dash 
  • 60 yard dash in baseball
  • 100 meters in track.  


This complete 12 week program will focus on:

  • Start
  • Stance 
  • Acceleration 
  • Drive phase
  • Top Speed 
  • Deceleration
  • Explosive power
  • High performance nutrition

This program will also include a strength training manual catered to developing muscular endurance and strength for explosive linear speed. There will also be Testing and evaluation protocol to track your progress 


  • BoingDIET: Sports performance nutrition information for fueling up, high-level recovery and regeneration
  • BoingCOLD
  • BoingMIND
  • BoingTINE (20% off) 
  • BoingBREATH


About Coach Rich Garcia:
Coach Garcia is regarded as one of the best speed & footwork trainers in the country for all athletes and specializes in training defensive backs and wide receivers. Rich is currently a speaker-presenter for “Glazer Football Clinics" and writer for BoingDASH. Rich Garcia is also the creator of “Speed 360" and “Footwork 360" instructional training programs.

Experience and certifications:
Coach Garcia is a certified master trainer, speed/strength Coach, defensive backs coach, and sports nutritionist. Coach Garcia has organized camps, combines, and has worked with all levels including NFL, CFL, AFL, college as well as young athletes and he has helped hundreds of student athletes prepare for college sports.

Coach Garcia has also worked with former NFL quarterback and ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski as a speed and strength coordinator for Ron’s “Philadelphia Soul” arena football team and speed trainer for former NFL wide receiver Marcus Colstons arena football team the “Harrisburg Stampede”.

Specialties include:

  • Sports Performance Training
  • Speed, footwork & strength training
  • Vertical jump training
  • Training defensive backs in football
  • Organizing camps, combines & sports clinics
  • Evaluating athletes


  • N.P.T.I. Certified Master Trainer
  • A.F.P.A. Certified Sports Conditioning Specialist
  • Certified Sports Performance Coach
  • Nesta Certified Nutritionist
  • Speed/Strength coordinator & DB trainer for the MFL (Minor Football League)
  • Former Speed & Strength coordinator of the Philadelphia Soul arena football team
  • Football camp coordinator for various NFL football players
  • Speaker for the Glazer football clinics
  • Former Regional Director & Scout for Junior Rank sports
  • Speed trainer for many local boys & girls sports teams
  • Coach Garcia has trained thousands of athletes since 2002
  • CPR & First Aid Certified

Garcia Sports Institute