Kyle Ringley | High School Corner Back

“I believe that coach Garcia does a great job of thoroughly going over the drill and demonstrating before the player needs to do it himself, he knows when to push you physically and mentally to become a better “4th quarter" player you will definitely get a workout. His program knows how to get results fast.

Coach Garcia’s training methods were definitely effective and made my hips smoother ,feet quicker, and transitions quicker as a defensive back, he got me results not only quickly but the strides I made with my skill set was tremendous my footwork, overall speed, and agility improved astronomically over the course of my training with him."

Kris Wilson | Tight End San Diego Chargers

“Rich’s training was defentely effective. I could see calories  being burned off right before my eyes! The kids pushed themselves. That will benifite them in that they can begin to underderstand the physical demand of being an athlete"

Jerry Johnson | Fourtime Euro League Champion

“As long as I am a pro athlete Rich Garicia is my trainer. I played basketball at every level and I can say I was very impressed with Rich ability and expertise in professional training"

Cletis Gordan | Corner Back Carolina Panthers

“I believe Rich has a better approach to warming up and training. Also his style of training activities the central nervous system and allows athletes to compete at a high level from the first snap."

Angie Mahlandt (from Mother of Meagan Mahlandt)

“My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed training with Rich for the past two years.  Rich will push your child to achieve greater speed and levels of fitness, while at the same time creating a positive and encouraging relationship.  We have recommended Rich to many of our friends and will continue to do so

Compared to other training programs in the area, Rich gets to know each athlete and their specific needs and goals, no matter what sport they play.  Rich also runs a more rigorous and higher level training than what we have sampled elsewhere.  My daughter is confident that she is building the speed, strength, and fitness level that she will need to play field hockey in the Division 1 program that she will attend next fall.  “

Fisayo Oluleye | D1 Corner back at Bucknell University

“Training with Rich always required a high amount of intensity. His training is detailed oriented and forces you to improve small mechanics you may not notice but greatly affect your athleticism.

Would you recommend my training services to other athletes?

Yes. I think all athletes, not just football, could benefit from Rich’s training.

After just 3 months my acceleration, explosiveness and quick twitch reactions all improved. Rich also help me improve my flexibility which is crucial in any sport. “

Father of WR/DB Colin Douglas

“My son has been training with Coach Garcia for the past year. The thing we most enjoy about working with Coach Garcia is his attention to detail. Coach’s ability to asses my child’s strengths and areas of opportunity have resulted in improved body mechanics and technical skill. It’s a fact, my son has become a better athlete under the training of Coach Garcia.  I have seen my son become faster and his ability to change —-direction has vastly improved."

Township Soccer Club

  “Garcia tailored his training sessions to make it sports specific for our soccer team.  The training sessions were varied and pushed the kids to improve. He taught the kids appropriate and safe technique. He encouraged them and pushed them to excel.

Yes, I would highly recommend Garcia’s training to any and all sports programs.

The year prior to training with Garcia, our team had several injuries and had conditioning issues.  After the first year of training with Garcia, we went the entire season without a major injury and our conditioning was immensely better. “

Garcia is very knowledgeable as a trainer and is able to create effective training regimens for any sport and the specific training needs for any sport.